Remodeling your home isn’t cheap—especially if you’re choosing the services of an experienced contractor with a proven record of excellence. Don’t worry—you don’t have to break the bank to get the home you’ve always wanted.

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There are many different kinds of home improvement loans available on the market today to help a homeowner remodel their living space.

What is Home Improvement Financing?

This is money that will be lent to a homeowner for a remodel or make much-needed repairs. These loans may be either secured or unsecured. More than likely, they will be written up as an unsecured loan, so even people with no equity in their home can qualify.

Home improvement financing can be used on a variety of projects. Maybe you want to add an addition? Need to update anything inside the home, such as cabinets or bathroom fixtures? Home improvement loans are designed to fund anything that will raise your home’s value or curb appeal if you decide to sell the property.

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Affordable Renovations

Home improvement financing is meant to be attainable. The rates and terms are usually very homeowner-friendly, allowing you to undertake large-scale remodels and improvements without burdening you with a huge monthly payment. Just take a look at some examples of rates anyone can afford:

  • $5,000 project at 15 years and 6.49% is only $ 43.53 a month!
  • $10,000 project at 15 years and 6.49% is only $ 87.06 a month!
  • $25,000 project at 15 years and 6.49% is only $ 217.64 a month!
  • $40,000 project at 15 years and 6.49% is only $348.22 a month!

Home improvement financing isn’t limited to certain projects. Anything on the property could be included in the financing, such as landscaping work. Just budget the projects you need financing for and apply—it’s that easy! If you have questions about home improvement financing or want to explore your options for an unsecured home improvement loan, contact the experts at Renovations by Design today.

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