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If you’ve lived in your home for more than a decade or purchased an older home to begin with, the time has likely come to remodel. Modern renovations can dramatically raise the appeal of your living space and add equity to your Phoenix, AZ home.

When you choose to remodel in a modern style, you want contractors who know the hallmarks and attributes of contemporary interiors. Renovations by Design is your first and best choice for modern remodels. We renovate with a keen eye for modernity and sophisticated design. Some of the features you can expect from a modern remodel include:

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  • Minimalist designs: If you like clean lines, muted tones and simple textures, a modern remodel will delight you! Minimalism is big in contemporary design. We’ll let your home’s unique features and architecture speak for itself, exemplified by minimalist concepts.
  • Main features: From your kitchen and bathroom to your living room and dining area, focal points are a cornerstone of modern design. Each room demands a focal piece. Fireplaces, standalone tubs, kitchen islands, dining chandeliers and more make great conversation pieces in modern remodels.
  • Natural light: Let the light in! Modern renovations are powered by natural lighting. Let us help you illuminate your living space with the bright Phoenix, AZ sun, so you can enjoy the ambiance and bask in the glow of warming, comfortable, natural light.
  • Strong materials: Strength and stability exude from modern renovations—namely in the form of raw materials. Wood floors, metal furniture, glass tabletops and stone accents are all popular features in modern homes.
  • Space concepts: You shouldn’t feel cramped in your home. Embrace modernity with open-style floor plans that use space creatively to give you breathing room. Kitchens, bathrooms and other conventionally cramped spaces suddenly become free-flowing and accommodating, so you can experience them anew.

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