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There are many reasons people decide to renovate their homes. Renovation can add comfort and usefulness to your living space, as well as significant value to your home. Sometimes you just need more room! Regardless of your reason, it takes a trusted home builder to help you personalize and renew your existing home with integrity and experience.

That builder is Renovations by Design.

Founded in 1996, we’ve established ourselves as an authority on home remodeling over the past 20 years, producing results that speak for themselves. More than just our immaculate work, one of the main reasons our clients choose us is because we put your mind at ease. We coordinate contractors, keep track of schedules, consolidate billing and more. It’s all about getting you the beautiful home you want, without hassle or headache.

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Complete Renovation Services

Renovations by Design is a premier home builder with many different services available to help you achieve the home you’ve always dreamed of having. Our design teams are ready to put your ideas into a plan of action.

We have relationships with a large reservoir of subcontractors and suppliers, to ensure only quality craftsmen will be working in your home. We also ensure only quality materials are used throughout the renovation process.

Quality, From Start to Finish

Planning a renovation project carefully from the beginning is crucial. Renovations by Design will direct your path.
We help you plan every single detail, from room to room. Let us guide you through thinking about the future, anticipating how your needs may change over time, whether your plan is to stay in your home or sell in a few years. We also help you anticipate the return on investment in your home’s value, as well as the intangible effect it’ll have on your quality of life.

We’ll prove to you that it just makes sense to have a professional home builder oversee the renovation, from design to execution! Your satisfaction is our top priority and we’ll work to achieve it in every aspect of the renovation.

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Experience Your Dream Home

The path to your perfect home begins with Renovations by Design.

Contact us today at 480-235-1147 to learn more about the renovation process, how to begin planning and how we can help.

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