Home Renovations by Design is the leading home remodeling service for residents in the Timberline-Fernwood, AZ area. Home Renovations by Design are experts in home renovations; we also do smaller projects such as only kitchens, or even bathrooms in Timberline-Fernwood, AZ. Contact us for Home Renovations in Timberline-Fernwood, Arizona today!

If the prospect of selling your home and buying a new one seems frustrating and complicated in Timberline-Fernwood, AZ there might be a simpler, better solution: Renovations. An expert remodeling contractor in Timberline-Fernwood, Arizona can give you the home you’ve always wanted, without the hassle of selling, buying and moving.

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Home Renovations In Timberline-Fernwood, AZ Adds Value to Your Home

By renovating your home, you’re giving yourself a financial edge in Timberline-Fernwood, AZ. Whether it’s an expanded kitchen, an updated bath or a completely renovated second floor, all that value goes into your home in Timberline-Fernwood, AZ. The result is money back in your pocket—whether in the form of equity or a better selling price down the line in Timberline-Fernwood, AZ.

Renovations By Design handles complete home renovations, completely reimagining your home remodel as the space you’ve always wanted in Timberline-Fernwood, AZ. From space planning, to material upgrades, to defining accents and details, we do it all in Timberline-Fernwood, AZ. We’re here to guide your renovation journey, no matter the scope of your home renovation.

Love the Home Renovation You Live in

As a full-service, experienced general contractor and home renovation company in Timberline-Fernwood, Arizona, we’re equipped for renovations at any scale in Timberline-Fernwood. This encompasses upgrades throughout your home renovations, including:

From a total bath renovation, to new cabinets for your kitchen, to a refinished basement, the goal of a home renovation is to create a space you’ll love to live in. We focus on what matters, from top to bottom, so everything comes together beautifully with your home renovation in Timberline-Fernwood, AZ.

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Home Renovations In Timberline-Fernwood, Arizona Expand Your Home in a Personal Way

Additions are an excellent way to upgrade and personalize your home renovation in Timberline-Fernwood. Renovations give you that new home feel, while keeping you rooted in the neighborhood you love. A good construction contractor will be able to add space seamlessly with your home remodel, so it looks like the renovation was always part of the original floor plan.

Your family will gain the added comfort of a more spacious living environment, without giving up the home you know and love.

Timberline-Fernwood Home Additions & Renovations

Home renovation additions in Timberline-Fernwood, Arizona can take many forms. Let us furnish you with one that meets your specific needs. We can expand your home to include:

  • Expansions of existing rooms
  • Mother-in-law suite
  • 4-Season rooms and sunrooms
  • Extra bedrooms
  • Formal dining room
  • Home office renovations
  • Laundry rooms

You may even be considering a second story for your home—we can add that too! Regardless of the scope of the home addition renovation we’re undertaking, trust that it’ll be built with the final purpose in mind. Ultimately, you’re getting room that’s right for you, whether it’s another kitchen, bathroom, or room remodel in Timberline-Fernwood.

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Passionate About Home Renovations in Timberline-Fernwood

Your home renovation is unique to you in Timberline-Fernwood. It doesn’t deserve a general home remodel or a basic update. It needs a personalized approach to home renovation that turns your space into everything you need and want it to be.

If you live in Timberline-Fernwood, Arizona, let Home Renovations by Design help you accomplish this mission, so you wake up to a house you love every day. Reach us at 480-235-1147 to begin planning your renovations today. Contact Us today to schedule a home renovation consultation. We are the leading home renovators in Timberline-Fernwood, AZ. Let us help you with all of your Home Renovation needs in Timberline-Fernwood.

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