Remodeling Ideas for Aging Well and Staying in Your Beautiful Home

August 28, 2019

If you are aging and living alone, your independence is probably one of the most important things you want to hold onto, and that means continuing to live by yourself and in your own home. If you are beginning to struggle with certain aspects of your living arrangements, you may be interested in these aging in place tips in Phoenix, AZ. There are lots of home improvement ideas that can help you stay in your home independently:

  • Widen doorways: Doorways can present a problem if you need assistance like mobility devices or wheelchairs to move about. Many average doorways are not made to accommodate these devices and can make moving around your home challenging. An easy way to ensure your continuing mobility in your home is to widen your doorways, which may include also rewiring some light switches.
  • Doorknob improvements: Round doorknobs can prove tricky to grip and require a full range of motion. On the other hand, lever-style doorknobs are much more easily handled, which makes them perfect for those with arthritis or other conditions that limit motion. Changing doorknobs is a simple task that a friend or handyman can assist with for little cost.
  • Bathroom safety: Bathrooms can be hazardous environments, full of hard and slippery surfaces. One improvement you can make is to add grab bars, which can help with balance and movement and provide something to grip if you do start to lose balance. You may also find that installing more slip-resistant flooring is a good idea. Vinyl and linoleum are better choices than hard stone floors, and they can be installed anywhere you have hard floors in your home.
  • Wheelchair accessibility: If you are transitioning to a wheelchair, you may find that you need more aging in place tips in Phoenix, AZ. Try adding a wheelchair ramp outside your home to replace any steps. Plus, you may want to adjust your kitchen countertops and lower them about four inches, which will make them more accessible from a wheelchair or scooter. If you have stairs inside your home, you may not have to give up your house and move somewhere with only one story. You might consider instead installing a chair lift or elevator. A chair lift that attaches to the stairs and is operable with a motor is a much cheaper option than an elevator.

If you’re looking for more aging in place tips in Phoenix, AZ, talk to the experts at Renovations by Design. We offer high-end home improvements that raise the standard of living for our clients. We specialize in kitchens, baths, additions, hardscaping, pools and more. We can listen to your concerns about mobility and safety in your home and make suggestions of improvements you can make so you can remain at home independently for as long as possible. Plus, a home renovation adds value to your home, making it more attractive to prospective buyers if you do wind up needing to sell later on. In the meantime, these improvements can greatly enhance your standard of living and help you keep your independence and freedom. Give us a call today to talk about your options.

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