Remodeling and Home Improvement Ideas That Can Increase Your Property Value

December 24, 2019

Take a mental walk through your house. We bet you can see at least three things you want to update or completely replace. The kitchen, the hallway bathroom, adding a new room—whether your home improvement project is in preparation to put your home on the market or to make your living space better for your family, quality results can add a ton of value to the property.

Some updates and upgrades boost the value higher than others, which may make you wonder which home improvement projects are the best to invest in. Here is a list of ideas for home improvements in Phoenix, AZ that can increase the value of your home:

  • Kitchen remodel: Remodeling a residential kitchen is one of the most popular types of major home improvements desired by property owners. After all, the kitchen is more than just a place to prep and cook meals—it’s also where families enjoy time together. Kids do homework at the counter, and the kitchen is where you might have a quick bite to eat or chat with your significant other or friends. Make sure the look of your new kitchen matches the rest of your house to boost your overall home value.
  • Bathroom remodel or addition: A bathroom remodel can range from replacing the shower wall material to installing new flooring to tearing out a dated vanity. Remodeling your bathroom can increase both indoor comfort and property value. Then there’s adding a whole new bathroom space. This is an especially worthwhile investment for homes with only one original bathroom. If there’s an unused room or space like a walk-in closet in your house, it could be your next full or half bathroom. The cost for a bathroom addition varies depending on factors like available existing space or having to put in a room addition to accommodate one.
  • Changing a room: Reinventing an existing space in your home saves money compared to building a new addition onto your house. Let’s say you have a basement or large attic you use for storage. Consider turning it into a usable living space! Home offices, game rooms, mother-in-law quarters and rentable apartments are a few of the more popular space conversions, all of which can increase home value.
  • Deck addition: Adding a well-built deck constructed of quality materials increases the value of your home, mostly because outdoor living spaces have become increasingly desirable over the years. A deck is perfect for weekend staycations and hosting summertime parties. It makes your backyard more appealing, and therefore more appealing to prospective buyers when the time comes for you to sell.
  • Less invasive updates: Updating your home shouldn’t break the bank. If you’re not ready to do major renovations or only need simple changes, consider basic updates like refreshing indoor or outdoor paint, dealing with wood rot and fixing the gutters. Updating old electrical outlets and parts of the plumbing system can also increase the value of your home.

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