Ideas for Aging in Place: Ways to Make Your Home Safer and More Accessible

March 26, 2020

Many of us don’t want to leave our homes as we age, as long as we’re able to take care of ourselves. However, sometimes adjustments need to be made to accommodate changing bodies and limited mobility. The term for this phenomenon is “aging in place,” and the goal is to allow older residents to conduct their lives as normally as possible, for as long as possible.

If you’re considering aging in place renovations for yourself or loved ones, there are a number of improvements you can make with help from local remodeling contractors in Phoenix, AZ. It’s important to consider your personal limitations as well as any that you might expect to encounter (given family health history, current conditions and more) before taking on a remodel:

  • Flooring: When mobility declines, many people need to use assistive devices like canes, walkers and wheelchairs to get around. This can be difficult if your home is carpeted, or you have area rugs laid out around the home. You might want to opt for a softer, smooth (but not slippery) flooring material like cork or hardwood.
  • Stairs and other level changes: Most of us take our ability to go up and down stairs for granted, but as soon as your joints start failing, stairs and level changes in general can be very difficult (and painful) to navigate. You might want to convert a ground-floor room into a bedroom for those with mobility issues. Another way to make stairs safer is to make sure there’s color contrast between steps, especially if you have limited vision.
  • Smart technology: Depending on your technological prowess, installing smart thermostats and lighting can be a great help—instead of fiddling with knobs and switches that might be out of reach, you can control them from a smartphone or tablet.
  • Kitchens: It becomes harder to stand up and cook for long periods of time as you get older, so lowered countertops and seating options are a smart way to make sure your kitchen remains usable for years to come.
  • Bathrooms: Bathing is a particular challenge, which is why glass shower doors and adjustable-height showerheads can help you stay safe while in the water. Consider replacing tubs with a walk-in shower enclosure. You can also install safety rails and lowered countertops and toilets for further ease of use.
  • Remember the details: Lever-style doorknobs and awning-style windows, for example, are often easier for the elderly to operate.

No one wants to think about getting older, but making some small changes can help keep you in your home longer.

Local remodeling contractors in Phoenix, AZ

The team at Renovations by Design is proud to be able to help you design and build an aging-in-place system that works for your individual home. We’re familiar with the standards and regulations to make a home not just beautiful, but accessible for years to come. Our company uses only the highest-quality materials and skilled workers to ensure your remodel goes off without a hitch. Call us today for more information.

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