Top Home Remodeling Tips to Help Make Your Home a Better Place

March 12, 2020

Renovating your home is a great way to update and improve your space, without the hassle of moving and buying a new home. From installing your dream kitchen to swapping out windows for a more modern look, there are plenty of adjustments and additions you can make to your home. However, it’s important to give your potential renovations a lot of thought—depending on your goals, some renovations will add instant value to your home, while others might actually make it harder to sell. Give some thought as to whether you plan to stay in your home or are getting it ready to resell, then contact your Arizona home improvement specialists.

Things to consider when remodeling your home

Here are some factors you’ll need to take into account as you’re planning your home remodel:

  • Decide whether you can DIY: A lot of people enjoy and are talented with DIY projects, but sometimes YouTube and HGTV shows aren’t enough to help you fully understand what you’re getting into. If you’re interested in a remodel that involves plumbing or electricity, at the very least, you might want to consider leaving it to the experts.
  • Consider what will add the most value: If you’re not planning on staying in your space for long, choosing improvements that will increase its resale value is your best bet. However, even if you plan to stay for decades, it’s still worth considering what would be attractive to a buyer.
  • Consider your budget: Unless you’re in the 1 percent, every home remodeling project needs a realistic budget. Knowing how much different types of remodels cost—even as a ballpark figure—can help you decide whether that’s in the realm of possibility or if you’ll need to save up some more money first.
  • Get inspiration: After you’ve decided on a project and a budget, it’s time to start deciding what you want, down to the smallest detail. Websites like Houzz and Pinterest are great for collecting visuals, so you can show your contractor exactly what you have in mind. Make sure to collect multiple options, in the event one type of renovation isn’t suitable for your home.
  • Choose the right contractor: If you’re working on an improvement that requires a contractor—or you just want to make sure it’s done right the first time—research and interview several contractors before making your selection. Ask about their licenses, insurance and warranties, as well as for testimonials from former clients. Online review sites can help give you a general picture of their business practices, and they should have portfolios of their work available.

With some careful thought and research, you can set your home remodeling project up for success.

Hire Arizona home improvement specialists

Renovations by Design offers high quality, beautiful home remodeling for our clients. From renovating kitchens to installing in-ground swimming pools, we can take your ideas and make them into a luxurious reality. Don’t buy a new home—reinvent the one you have when you call us today to get started.

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