Five Qualities of Excellent Construction Project Managers

April 3, 2020

Construction project managers handle change orders, manage workers, address unexpected issues and do it all while meeting budget and schedule requirements. Anyone who orders a large construction project in Phoenix, AZ realizes these and other construction project manager benefits quickly. These skilled professionals keep everything running smoothly, and it is good to know what to look for as you assess local firms. Here are five qualities to seek when hiring a local construction project manager:

  • Risk management: Good managers understand that every project comes with risk. Support structures may fail, or the wrong materials may arrive on site. Also, general contractors should hire licensed and bonded subcontractors in the state of Arizona to ensure double warranties and liability insurance. A project manager knows to check these qualifications before the job begins so all protection and risk mitigation is in place. That is a big part of the job—knowing the risks and how to reduce them. It helps with timely and safe completion of the project.
  • Emotional intelligence: It is nearly impossible to manage a construction project without leadership skills and accountability while also controlling any strong emotions. As anything involving people is subject to some drama, a good manager knows how to keep things under control so the job is completed correctly. Understanding people is just as important as time management and understanding construction logistics.
  • Flexibility: Sometimes the path to timely completion does not follow a straight line. When material costs change and supplies face delays, a good project manager knows how to manage these contingencies while staying within budget limits and project deadlines. This is done with flexibility and also transparency so all elements of a construction team are on the same page. There needs to be communication so essential jobs, like laying foundations and running electrical and plumbing lines, are coordinated correctly.
  • Good communication: A good manager never leaves people in the dark. Most construction mistakes arise from poor communication and a lack of collaboration. Construction is a team effort, and when a leader fails to communicate properly, that will spread through the rest of the crew. A project manager who makes expectations known and clearly presents the plan to meet objectives is effective and ensures good work quality.
  • Willing to learn: All good leaders know their knowledge gaps and whom to consult about those areas. Rather than micromanage every step of a project, they trust their people to finish it well and rely on their expertise. Also, they are willing to learn from those who work under them, and many take continuing education courses that keep their knowledge and skills updated. Construction grows in technological resources just like any industry. Failing to study can leave a project manager behind.

Construction project manager benefits in Phoenix, AZ prove most vital now with the COVID-19 pandemic going on, as many projects have been placed on hold due to recent events. Renovations by Design remains here to help with all of your new construction, home remodeling and custom cabinetry needs—all with extra savings for jobs of all sizes. Stay well and do not hesitate to call us today!

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