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Remodeling and Home Improvement Ideas That Can Increase Your Property Value

December 24, 2019

Take a mental walk through your house. We bet you can see at least three things you want to update or completely replace. The kitchen, the hallway bathroom, adding a new room—whether your home improvement project is in preparation to put your home on the market or to make your living space better for your family, quality results can add a ton of value to the property. Some updates and upgrades boost the value higher than others, which may make you wonder which home improvement projects are the best to invest in. Here is a list of ideas for home... View Article

Six Reasons to Only Work with Licensed, Bonded and Insured Subcontractors in Arizona

December 10, 2019

Top remodeling contractors in Phoenix, AZ should hire licensed, bonded and insured subcontractors in the state of Arizona. Not only will this help secure double warranties and liability insurance coverage for clients, but it gives everyone peace of mind. Aside from the possibility of low-quality workmanship, hiring a remodeling contractor who doesn’t work with fully covered subcontractors can lead to a frustratingly long project, extra costs and the use of cheap materials. You open yourself up to a host of liability and financial risks like the ones listed below: No recourse: Every homeowner dreams that their home renovation project will... View Article

Important Reasons to Seek Out a General Contractor for Your Home Renovations

December 5, 2019

Considering all of the various components of a remodel that would need to come together perfectly for success, attempting home renovations on your own might not be as straightforward as it may initially seem. In fact, attempting to upgrade your home on your own could wind up doing more harm than good, leaving you in a worse position than before you started the renovations. Here are a few important reasons why seeking out local general contractors in Phoenix, AZ to complete your home renovations can be so beneficial: Experience needed: Even if you have been able to successfully tackle complicated... View Article

Types of Home Improvement Ideas for Phoenix, AZ Properties That Require a Building Permit

October 22, 2019

When it comes time to remodel or make changes to your house, homeowners must find out whether or not they need a building permit to proceed. Here’s a look at the reasons for needing a building permit and the types of home improvement ideas in Phoenix, AZ that require them. Why you need a permit The main reason why cities require residential building permits for major home improvements is to keep track of the changes made to your home so they can go on record with the government. A permit is generally required for projects that involve rewiring and working... View Article

Important Reasons to Choose Licensed, Bonded and Insured Contractors in AZ

October 8, 2019

Functional and aesthetic home improvements are great for property value, but only as long as they’re completed by professionals. It’s important for a contractor doing home renovations in Phoenix, AZ to be licensed, bonded and insured. We’ll also discuss the top reasons to hire someone with all three of these important forms of protection. The difference between a contractor’s license, insurance and bond When renovating your home to make room for a custom kitchen (for example), the process normally requires removing walls and adding new walls, electricity and plumbing. Because of this, you should hire a licensed, bonded and insured... View Article